Why I Am A Massage Therapist......
Knead Healing Massage Therapy
"Balancing The Body And Mind Through Therapeutic Facilitation"
Myofascial Release
My specialty since 2002 has been chronic pain management for wellness and improved quality of life for my clients. Every session is adapted to the needs of the person, and therapy is provided in a comfortable and serene atmosphere. I have a well-rounded knowledge of many soft tissue disorders and I allow time for the delivery of quality and valuable therapy.
I have helped many people with the relief of back and neck issues, migraines, sinus problems, sciatica, digestive disorders, wrist and rotator cuff pain, and awareness of structural deviations through visual assessments. I also incorporate different stretching techniques, active and passive, to aid in improved range of motion and flexibility.
I have many years of experience in dealing with an array of pain processes and the signs and symptoms of repetitive strain disorders. I have worked with all demograghics, from athlete, to geriatric, to adolescent clients. My experience has allowed me to gain significant tactile knowledge that is vital for quality therapy. I have realized over the years that the skill that I have is innate, and I wish to share the passion that I have to improve people's quality of life.